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hackbarth's Journal

5 February
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Gaúcho from Porto Alegre,graduated from Computer Science on UFRGS on 2005.
Since young a library rat, found science fiction with Asimov and Clarke, and later Niven, Herbert, Heinlein, Brin...
In the ETFPEL learned eletronics and found the RPG, I mastered GURPS since then, mostly scifi and fantasy, but other genres too.
Found fansubbers, anime and mangas, turned fan of Nausicaa, Cowboy Bebop, Legend of galactic heroes...
In college addicted myself to webcomics: Sluggy Freelance, 8bit theather, Freefall, AsIf, 21ct Fox...

I am agnostic, taoist, social democrat, petista (from PT -workers party-, a left wing party), studying japanese and programing, linux user, hate soccer, like martial arts, karate red ribbon, learning Krav Maga, done some fencing and sail. I like old computer games, civilization, master of orion, prince of persia, lemmings...